Friday, July 27, 2012

Wanna ride in my TARDIS, baby?

Näe, det har inte blivit så mycket bloggat på senaste. Men ska precis dra igång ett projekt till min lilla bebis som kommer i december! Här nedan kan man se utkastet till filten, såklart en nördig Doctor Who-filt :D PDF-er på filten finns oxå!

Klicka på länkarna för att ladda ned pdf-erna, om det intresserar. Hur gör ni mönster? Jag gör alltid mina i excel, pdf-ar och om jag vill ha bild så tar jag en skärmdump in i Paint. kanske inte det smidigaste, men det fungerar förvånansvärt bra!

UPDATE: Resultatet!

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  1. Hello~ I've been admiring your work!

    I am about to release and promote a collection of DOCTOR WHO patterns and I would very much like to include your Tardis Blanket patterns on my website.

    The focus of my website is to provide everything & anything crocheters look for and want on the internet. The tone is upbeat and friendly.

    Each pattern I feature includes your photo, a direct link to your site and, of course, is credited to you.
    Your actual pattern is not reproduced in any way.

    Please visit and browse a bit. If you agree to have your pattern (s) featured, just send me an email, or reply to this msg here on Ravelry.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Tracy Joyner